Pep Up Using Patchwork Tiles

If you like patchwork quilts, consider mixing tiles of various patterns and colours to get a similar effect. The result will be a stunning design that recalls Moroccan along with other Mediterranean designs, and this can be an excellent way to use all your favorite colours and patterns in 1 place. Use the method on your backsplash, entryway flooring or worn tabletop, and the patchwork pattern will surely turn heads.

Design Platform

A Denver kitchen corner carries on a dramatic yet lively background thanks to a dazzling collage of patterned tile. An asymmetrical assemblage works especially well compared to the tight symmetry of this room, along with the wall region covered by the tile is simply enough to host a beautiful poster without overpowering. This can be patchwork tile perfection in my novel.

Tip: Choosing tile for your home can be overwhelming due to this endless sea of options. Focusing on a patterned tile that you like (and may use sparingly) may be a great starting point for choosing a colour palette and a fashion direction.

The easiest way to utilize a patchwork pattern is to select square tiles that are all the exact same size and in colours that play off one another. The look here is bright and joyful, works especially well with a white or light inside, and may play off contemporary furnishings or a spare inside as an unexpected and striking twist.

Tip: Patterned tile in traditional and not-so-traditional designs is now widely available in porcelain, terra-cotta and encaustic cement, and the designs may be painted, hand constructed (like nice encaustic tiles) or machine implemented.

Dimensions: Luxurystyle

Here the patchwork look goes traditional, evoking the French countryside with patterned and smaller porcelain tiles. Choosing tiles that are limited to a very simple palette, white and blue in this case, creates a sea of interesting pattern without the added distraction of colour.

Tip: Patterned tiles come in a vast assortment of depths, so you ought to choose tiles that are acceptable for your needs. If you are replacing tile, you will very likely want to use tile that is a similar thickness. If you are doing patchwork for new construction, talk with your contractor if the tile of your dreams is thicker than standard. Tiles that are extremely thick, like encaustic tiles or any terra-cotta tiles, can influence cabinet positioning and other structural details like door trim.

Tile: Filmore Clark

English Heritage Homes of Texas

Stair treads, such as in this Dallas Meditterranean-style residence, are the perfect place to work with patterned tile, especially if they’re outdoors. Patterned stair treads inside do make a stylish statement, but take into account in where the stair is seen and select tiles that complement the existing interior design.

Tip: Make sure you realize the conditions for which any given tile is appropriate, and do not fall in love with a tile for your flooring until you are certain that it is acceptable for the flooring. In other words, steer clear of tile that is designated for light traffic, because who knows when you may want to move in a piano? You do not want to have to think about breaking tiles.

creative jewish

This cafĂ© in Jerusalem has wall tiles in an interesting combination of pastel colors, designs and sizes; the look offers interest but doesn’t make you insane. And no, the routine here doesn’t stick to any rules as far as I could figure out; it had been installed as a work of true random art.

Tip: To figure out how many tiles of each pattern to buy, it’s wise to do a layout by hand or on the computer. The salesperson at the tile shop can also assist you with this. Ordering equal quantities of each pattern is the easy way out, though the very best option is to organize the positioning of each and every tile, order so and provide the diagram you exercised to the tile installer. Order extras to accounts for breakage, and this is bound to happen.

A patchwork flooring tile treatment similar to this encaustic tile setup is an actual eye popper. But only the very brave ought to consider patterned patchwork tile onto the ground in their home, because it takes over the distance. As for me, I love this look. However, it probably would functions best in a tiny bathroom, a railroad kitchen or a tiny hallway.

Tip: Exactly how many distinct patterns does it take to make a prosperous patchwork tile setup? It truly depends on the look you are going for, but the outcomes that are the very pleasing to my eye are those that use around 10 or so distinct patterns. That way there’s far more room for creating something really random looking and for creating visual distance between distinct patterns and colours.

Tile: Luxurystyle

Marco Antunio

Outdoor eating places are the perfect places for experimentation with lively mixes of tile. The built-in counter area in this Brazilan courtyard is lively and easy to keep clean, one of the wonderful benefits of tile.

The Turett Collaborative

The toilet is a good spot to take chances, also, as the look is comprised, and one encounters it on a restricted basis. The eclectic mix of bright colours, textures and materials (in addition to vintage tile) in this home in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village area is exceptional.

Really like the concept of patchwork tile but are afraid to commit to covering a huge area? A part of patchwork tile set amid an area of nonpatterned tile is a great way to enjoy the look without its stealing the show.

Tile: CIR

EuroWest Decorative Surfaces

A strip of patterned tile collection as a broad decorative border is magnificent and contemporary.

Tile: Iris Ceramica

Terrazzo Tiles

Encaustic Tiles – GBP 3.80

I totally love the colour and pattern combination here. However, while it looks amazing in a four-by-three structure, it’d most likely be too overwhelming for me personally on a larger area. Scaling pattern is something that is applicable to wallpaper, fabric or tile. So while it is good to have a chance with a exceptional layout, it is best to move ahead with a clear idea of what the final result will be.

Tile: Terrazo Tiles

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