How Do I Search Public Records for Home Ownership?

Property transactions are public record, available to anybody needing information on a parcel. Available information includes worth, sales history, square footage, ownership and improvements. The county recorder and the county tax assessor’s offices assert real estate databases. The county recorder’s database includes all listed transactions, such as mortgages and other liens, while the tax assessor keeps a listing of appraised and assessed land values and taxes paid and expected. The tax assessor’s records are generally available online, at no cost, but the recorder database usually must be searched in person.

Visit or call the office of the county tax assessor or visit its site. Give a clerk the property address if you are calling or visiting in person, and ask for the owner’s name. Enter the address at the appropriate search box if you are searching online. The person or entity listed in the tax assessor’s system is usually the property owner, but not always. Look for the database to validate your findings of the recorder.

Input the title supplied by the tax assessor’s office into the”Grantor/Grantee” search box of the county recorder’s system. In case you do not have an owner’s name, search by property address. Look for the list of transactions for the most dated deed.

Open the deed and find the grantee. This is the owner of the property.

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