Decorate With Intention: Obtain Your Home Office Right

It is really simple to let a home office slip off the base of the decorating to-do list — after all, many visitors will never even see it. However, the way that space is organized and decorated can considerably affect productivity (and happiness) in your home. From finding the proper furniture and space to organizing thoughts, ergonomics, personal style, dealing with distractions and much more, let’s tackle that home office and for all.

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Recall the luxury of a home office is that you’re in your home. Do not be afraid to forgo standard office furniture in favor of a style that blends with the rest of your dwelling. A Chippendale-style chair with armrests and a thick pillow is incredibly chic and nearly as comfortable as a traditional desk chair. And unless you prefer the look of a bent-arm task lamp, then nobody is stopping you from picking a glam table lamp with a silk color instead. Do what makes you happy!

Style notes: In this home office space, floral colors dripping with lush trimming set a warm, intimate tone, echoed from the portrait, the floral painting and the bright orange armchair. Glossy black accents soil the arrangement and take the room in an elegant way.

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Check your ergonomics. Pay attention to the way you feel after logging a few hours in your desk in your home. If you have any pain or soreness, then it’s time to inspect the ergonomics of your installation.

• Your chair height ought to be adjusted so that your feet can be flat on the ground.
• Align your display with your sight line to avoid eye strain and shoulder stiffness. In case you’ve got a laptop, consider placing it on a rack to adjust the height.
• Check the lumbar support of your chair. Add a cushion or get a new chair if you have been experiencing lower back pain.
• Invest in several cushy pads to keep your wrists raised because you type and use the mouse, especially if you devote a good deal of time in the computer.


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Consider adding a pouf. More than only a fun accessory, a pouf of the proper size could be tucked beneath your desk to use as a footrest. If not needed, you can pull it out and use it as a miniature side table for heaps of magazines and books.


Move past the desk using an extra work surface. Prevent clutter pileups by putting another work surface near your main desk. This can make it simpler to maintain your computer area clean and clear, and supply dedicated space where you can spread out a project and not worry about cleaning it up. This extra surface (if you’ve got room for it) is an excellent place for integrating meaningful items and art that inspires you. It’s also great for stepping away from the computer every once in a while to brainstorm, read or just sit with a cup of tea.

Style notes: This workspace feels clean and crisp in all white and black. A rotating display of artwork on floating shelves and a 3-D cable deer sculpture keep it sense personal and refreshing.


Do not require a serious office? Bring out your desk to the open. In case you don’t use your home office a great deal, it might make more sense to preserve that spare room for a more practical purpose. Look around your home for another space within a larger room instead. Take advantage of a very long room (like the one displayed here) by putting two desks with each other. Piano stools, vintage schoolhouse seats and café seats are stylish and airy, perfect for occasional usage.

Style notes: A tiled runner around the ground, easy industrial-style pendant lights and clusters of green plants unite to make a greenhouse texture, as well as the lines made by the row of desks and lights draws the eye outside to the patio beyond, expanding the feeling of space.

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Add a distinctive zone to keep youngsters occupied. If you have little ones at home, it’s well worth it to create an extra effort to make the office kid-friendly. Sure, in an perfect world, we’d only close the door and everybody would not bother us — but as every parent knows, that is just not how it works.

Consider adding these kid-friendly Characteristics to your own office:
Chalkboard or chalkboard wallPlayhouse or play cupboard that kids can climb intoChild-height activity table and chairsComfy rugBaskets or bins of toys or art supplies
Play kitchen

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Produce privacy within a larger space. Should you not have an whole room to dedicate to your office but really need you, it is still possible to carve out a personal nook with a few space suggestions. You can use an open-backed bookcase for a room divider, placing your desk on the other side (as shown); make a workplace corner by positioning a decorative display; or even put a large potted tree on your desk.

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Make a closet office more than an afterthought. In case your only accessible office space is in a spare closet, that doesn’t mean it has to feel like second best.

Specifics to Remember when converting a closet into an office:

Lighting is key. Add recessed lighting in the ceiling when possible, and a couple of desk lamps.
In case you can’t find a desk that fits perfectly, have one constructed (or attempt a DIY job) to create the best use of this space.
Quantify potential desk seats before purchasing to be sure they’ll sip under the desk enough to close the door(s).
Speaking of doors, consider setting out the standard-issue cupboard doors for French doors, pocket doors as well as crisp curtains.

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Plan office storage with efficiency in mind. The storage areas directly around your desk — drawers, shelves, cabinets and surfaces — ought to be reserved for frequently used essential items. Should you purchase some office supplies in bulk or possess gear that is extremely rarely used, store it on the highest shelves or in a different room completely if you’re short on space.

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Surround yourself with things you love. What do you need to include (or remove) to really love your home office? Give favourite colors, artwork, photos, plants and individual things pride of place, and get rid of (or at least hide in a cupboard) anything that is bumming you out, from nasty tech gear to bulky binders of older work cloth.

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Commit to maintaining a clean and clear desktop. For supreme productivity and peace of mind, make a habit of completely clearing off your desk before finishing the day.

Inform us What’s your best tip for a stay-at-home house office?

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